The Best Thing To Happen To Real Estate Software since Commissions.

You don’t need dozens of apps or another CRM, you need a partner like ListingsPlus. Discover all you can do with our ridiculously easy all-in-one listing management app for real estate professionals and brokers.


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Complete System

The all-in-one tool to manage your listings in under 10 minutes a day.

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Plans that grow with your real estate business. Upgrade anytime.

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24/7 email support, live chat, amazing support specialists, training, webinars, and more.

Features So Bright You Gotta Wear Shades

Tools to get you started, help you grow, or just make you look like a real estate rock star.
Gain Deep Insight
  • Graphs and charts
  • Listing activity index
  • Compare to previous listings
  • Track marketing campaigns
Do Less Work
  • Calendar sync
  • History at a glance
  • Smart messages send automatically
Impress Clients
  • Winning listing presentations
  • Guaranteeed communication plan
  • Dedicated client dashboard
Keep it Clean
  • Document every event
  • Sync between team members
  • On demand statistics
  • Milestones
Detailed Activity Logs
  • Property inquiries
  • Showings requests
  • Open houses & visitors
  • Predifined and custom events
Stop Worrying
  • Access your account anytime, anywhere
  • Evidence for hearings or court
  • Secure data protection
  • Never share with 3rd parties

Time is Money. Stop Wasting Yours.

Spending just an hour a day on basic, repetitive administrative tasks means you end up losing over a month of time each year!

ListingsPlus users save over 11 days worth of work over the course of a year.

Realtors® using ListingsPlus real estate software, on average, spend just under 10 minutes a day working on their business! That leaves more time for:

More Time with Family
Growing Business
Treatin’ Yo Self

You're Not in This Alone

See why 2,500+ Realtors® have already signed up for ListingsPlus...or maybe you’re just the type that enjoys being out of control while trying to justify your commission to clients.

Gyna and Steven Sweeny, Coldwell Banker

“We started using ListingsPlus, integrated it into our practice, and it worked really well. It does showings, inquiries, and all the stuff we need it to do. Honestly, ever since ListingsPlus our clients are happier and nothing for us to do but be productive and out there and actually selling homes!”

We Created ListingsPlus With a Purpose

We believed there is a huge market of real estate agents looking for a simpler way to keep on top of their listing activity all while providing exceptional value to their clients. Existing real estate software solutions often overlook the needs of a real agent, working hard to sell properties and build a thriving business. This spawned a brilliant idea: develop an all-in-one system that handles all that tracking, organizing, reporting and communinicating stuff for you, so you get to focus on what you love (and are actually good at). Insane, right?

Freedom From Headaches

What area of managing your real estate listings gives you the biggest headache?

the big picture
Demonstrating your
value and work
Communicating with
your clients
Keeping on task
and schedule
Winning more
listing presentations

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