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Lubos and Danielle

Who We Are

“My wife Danielle left her banking job to pursue her true passion in real estate. In a very short amount of time, she had a meteoric rise in clients and her business was growing exponentially. Only problem? She had neither the time nor interest it takes to manage a growing business. Rather than spending time with her clients, it was now spent on hours upon hours of logging, analyzing, emails and headaches. We went searching for a full listing management solution because there’s an app for everything, but to our surprise - there were none!

My wife’s story is not uncommon, and I’ve heard from hundreds of real estate agents that experienced similar frustrations until they started using ListingsPlus. Our complete system really is the only tool you’ll need to manage and automate and empower your listings and give you back the freedom to do what you really love.”
— Lubos Hrasko, Founder & CEO

Our Mission

What drives us to create the best tools for Real Estate?

ListingsPlus strives to create a world where real estate agents and their clients live in perfect harmony. A world with communication, transparency, and information. Join us for the journey, it's going to be a heck of a ride!


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